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Cable Clip Assembly Machine

Nail Inserting Machine for Cable Clip

Cable clip and nail assembly machine Running video https://youtu.be/4OCAzMB2Ze8 1. Description 1. The cable clip and nail automatic assembly machine is suitable for cable clip assembly, expand nail assembly and so on 2. With the motor protector equipment, protect the motor and in case of...

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Cable clip and nail assembly machine

Running video   https://youtu.be/4OCAzMB2Ze8


1. Description

1. The cable clip and nail automatic assembly machine is suitable for cable clip assembly, expand nail assembly and so on

2. With the motor protector equipment, protect the motor and in case of splitter wear

3. Twelve equal divided clip disc: high working speed while decrease machine wear.

4. Standardized, high precision ,high quality splitter, very durable

5. 50 W DC motor: Energy-saving, power-saving

6. Structural improvement, special designed for customers who don’t know about the machine

7. Occupy small space, moderate height , gentle-voiced

2. Technique data:

Specification : Small size (3-14mm), big size (16-25mm)

Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz, 100W+- 10%

Capacity:250-350 pcs/min

Volume: 690x 430x 1300

Weight :220KG


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